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  • Conferences i/o: Instructions to Check In/Out and Qualify for CPE

    May 09, 2019

    Download PDF.

    Before the meeting

    1. Go to secpro.cnf.io
    2. Select your meeting
    3. Enter your information
    4. Select "Check In Now"

    During the meeting

    Respond to polling questions. Verbal prompts or indicators on the video stream will notify you the polls have unlocked. Polls will remain unlocked for 2 minutes. 
    Optional: Ask a question at any time, upvote your favorite questions

    After the meeting

    1. Complete the event evaluation
    2. Press "Check Out"

    To qualify for CPE 

    All attendees: Complete the process outlined above, remain logged in for at least 50 minutes. Time is logged at the top of the screen.
    Attendees not watching with a chapter: Complete the process outlined above, attend at least 50 minutes, and respond to 3 of the 4 poll questions. 

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